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From May 20 to 22, 2022, CannaTrade, the largest hemp trade fair in Switzerland, will take place at the Bern Expo grounds. During three days, more than 250 exhibitors from all over the world will present proven and new products on the topic of cannabis. Busy business customers can let off steam in the Business Lounge, while a visit to the show is worthwhile for anyone interested thanks to the Chillout Area, Hemp Food Festival and many other highlights on the rest of the grounds.

History of CannaTrade

CannaTrade, an international trade fair for business and end customers, was founded in 2001. The foundation by Marco Kuhn about 20 years ago took place in the time of the “Duftsäckli”. In Switzerland at the time, a loophole in the law allowed hemp to be sold, as long as it was not for intoxicating purposes. The interest in an international trade fair in Switzerland was therefore huge; everyone wanted to take part in the green gold rush. This successful period was followed by difficult times for the hemp fair from 2008 to 2016. The big fair turned into a Swiss scene meeting with a few foreign guests. In 2016, everything changed, as Ben Arn, business manager of CannaTrade, recalls, “I was getting out of the car when my phone rang and I was announced in confidence that a way had been found to sell legal weed at the fair. I could not believe my ears, thought it was a joke, and asked for the official documents. When I received this some time later, hope immediately sprouted that the wait had been worth it and that the Swiss hemp industry, and with it CannaTrade, would find its way back to its old glory…”
He was right: back was the new green gold rush. The cornerstone of this was a small, almost unnoticed change in the law in 2011, which raised the maximum allowable THC level of industrial hemp from 0.3% to 1%. That was the foundation stone for the CBD market in Switzerland. The 2018 and 2019 fairs were sold out within a short period of time and for 2020 a fair was planned that would be twice as big as the two previous ones. Unfortunately, this was not carried out due to the Covid pandemic.

Ben Arn, Managing Director of Cannatrade
Ben Arn, Managing Director of Cannatrade

So a lot has changed in these 20 years. CannaTrade became more and more professional: “While in the beginning it was more ‘hippies and freaks’, today you meet quite normal companies and visitors from all social classes,” says Ben Arn. This professional orientation of the fair also facilitates contact with the authorities. Since everyone wants to conduct a successful and legal fair, the cooperation is close and pleasant, he said. And in the future, there will probably be more opportunities without leaving the legal area. Ben Arn’s vision of the cannabis industry in 5 years, “Hopefully in a legal THC market!”

Cannatrade 2022 Highlights

Over 250 exhibiting companies, this has not been seen since CannaTrade 2005. And besides the usual pleasures of such a fair, to which especially the exhibitors contribute with their attractive and creative booths, we can look forward to the following highlights: Radio Rabe provides a fat music line-up, there is a hemp fashion show and at exciting panel discussions the state and the future of the hemp industry will be scrutinized. There will also be a Joint Roll Contest and at the Hemp Food Festival there will be food for every taste.

Visit the Herba di Berna at the Hemp Fair: Booth 310

We from Herba di Berna AG will of course also be present with a stand. You will find us at booth 310 in hall 3.2. We are looking forward to a lot of visitors!
So mark now the days from 20-22 big in your agenda. Tickets are available for purchase on the CannaTrade website or at the box office.

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