About us

Hand in hand with nature

Herba di Berna is a non-profit and family startup from Bern. The company handcrafts a wide range of its own organic hemp and CBD products: fragrant flowers and hash to smoke, teas and syrups to enjoy, creams and bath balls for care, CBD oils for health.

Herba di Berna relies on natural, regenerative cultivation methods without artificial fertilizers and obtains electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources.

We are committed to restoring the cultural and useful plant cannabis to its deserved place in society. Its applications are very diverse, and we make them accessible with our products – from CBD hemp flowers to CBD oils.

Family and not profit oriented

We make decisions collectively and, as a not-for-profit public limited company, operate fairly towards our employees, customers and the environment. We invest in people – in social working conditions with five weeks’ vacation and five weeks’ paternity leave.

Sustainable cultivation and production

Without exception, all of our cannabis plants grow in organic, living soil – including our indoor plants. It is the only and best way for us to grow high quality CBD plants. The health of our growing soil is central to this. Besides three different worm cultures, herbal mixtures and billions of probiotic microorganisms also play an important role in keeping the soil fertile. If pests appear, we treat the plants with beneficial insects that act naturally against pests. We work probiotically, without toxins.

Our products are available under the brand Herba di Berna.

Details of the cultivation method of Herba di Berna

Our production team has many years of experience and great know-how in the cultivation and processing of cannabis. We combine old processing methods with new knowledge and get the natural best out of each plant. This is how first-class cannabis products are created with great attention to detail. Our self-produced products have the following quality characteristics:

From 100% renewable energy

In addition to cultivation methods that are as close to nature as possible, we also contribute to a sustainable future in the energy sector: Herba di Berna obtains electricity exclusively from renewable hydropower.

Old methods reinterpreted

The idea behind our “Living Soil” concept is to combine the advantages of a natural, living soil with the safety of indoor cultivation. This allows the plants to grow in a healthy and balanced soil, while still being protected from harmful environmental factors all year round in a regulated climate.

Living earth does not tolerate poison

In our production, soil health is of central importance. In addition to three different worm cultures that keep our earth healthy, millions of microorganisms also play their part in keeping the earth fertile. The whole setting is supplemented with beneficial insects that act against the classic pests. This method of cultivation does not tolerate poisons, otherwise all our creatures would perish.

Highest quality standards

After harvesting, the flowers are fermented for several weeks to achieve the best taste experience. All processes are subject to strict quality standards and are regularly controlled by the team and by external laboratories.

The flowers of plants grown on living soil contain more terpenes and cannabinoids than conventionally grown ones. Our method of cultivation is also a choice for higher quality, which is noticeable.

Our store in Bern

We are here for you in our CBD specialty store:

Herba di Berna

Specialty store for CBD & hemp products
Scheibenstr. 13
3014 Bern

For letters and parcels: Wankdorffeldstrasse 104, 3014 Bern

Tel. Sales/Consulting: 031 503 12 22

Specialty store for CBD & hemp products

Our opening hours:

Tue – Fri 11:00 – 13:00 + 14:00 – 18:30
Sa 10:00 – 13:00 + 13:30 – 17:00

The Herba team

Philippe Wietlisbach
String puller, thoroughbred salesman and taskmaster
David Spring
Production management
Plant child and technical genius with a green thumb
Eliane Lorétan
Management Herba Store
Päcklifee with a knack for organization
Patrick Grogg
Creative mind with mobile office on a journey of inspiration
Iona Knieriemen
Enthusiastic store fairy & unbeatable Herba Influencer
Jenny Strinati
Employee Specialty Store & Social Media
Simon Schenk
Computer science, bits & bytes master, online store tamer
Raffael Wüthrich –
President Board of Directors & Keyboard Samurai