MyGeeko Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer

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The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer can vaporize any type of herbs, waxes, oils and liquids.

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The Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer offers a combination of two types of vaporization: both herbs and liquids can be consumed with this device.
With the hybrid chip of this vaporizer, either its conduction, or convection function can be used, or both modes can be combined.
Thanks to the combination of the two vaporization methods, the Wiz Vaporizer produces beautiful, dense vapor.
The package includes Wiz Hybrid Vaporizer, incl. Coil &. Tank, Coil, Mouthpiece, Drip Tip, Pollen Tube, Seal Ring Set with Sieves, Tool/Cleaning Kit with Pickerli, Tweezers and Brush, Grinder, USB Cable, User Manual, Batteries are not included.

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5 levels: 180, 190, 200, 210 and 230°C




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