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The cooperation between us and the workshops of VEBO in Grenchen and the Oberwald Center from Solothurn means a lot to us. We are happy to stand by this successful cooperation and would like to show what it looks like in this blog post. At the Oberwald center, our products are refined and the packaging is labeled, while VEBO’s workshop takes care of filling, sticking and welding all our blossoms.

The two institutions VEBO and Zentrum Oberwald offer people with a physical or mental impairment a protected working environment. Our orders involve the finishing and packaging of products, which are then put on the market for commercial sale. For people from the workshops, who often find themselves in a difficult life situation, this enables them to participate in an important sector of our social life.
When we have our products prepared for sale by these workshops, we are entering into a business relationship that is about more than just profitability. With every order we can make a small contribution so that the people in the workshops can engage in meaningful and varied activities. Knowing this, it is not a problem for us that not every single product is perfectly packaged or glued, even if this means that we sometimes have to do some touching up ourselves. In our eyes, such organizations are very worthy of support, and especially in a time of chasing crises, we are very happy to continue this partnership.

For you, our customers, this means: If the label on your next purchase is not quite straight on the packaging, this is no reason to get upset. It is much more a sign of the humanity with which our products are provided.

Do you want to know more about our cooperation with VEBO and Zentrum Oberwald? Get in touch with us.