Tropical Punch Handtrim 20g

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Handtrim with sweet, tart citrus aromas

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Trim is well suited for smoking and as a raw material for food and cosmetics, as the flower parts contain a particularly large number of resin glands. When the flowers are dried and turned, small parts of the flowers fall through the sieves – this so-called abrasion is collected and packaged as hand trim. It is the cheaper alternative to the whole flowers.

A flavor bomb that takes us on a sweet journey to the tropics. The flower structure and color is reminiscent of the famous Orange Bud genetics, which produces wonderful orange trichomes. This genetics is slightly indica-heavy, similar to the mother genetics Tropicanna Cookies. What was crossed in remains our secret 😉

The terpene profile impresses with its clear tendency towards sweetness, paired with tart citrus aromas. This strain is not only a real eye-catcher visually, the consistently dense flower structure and the high CBD levels of almost 17% also make it stand out. These genetics currently have the highest CBD values in our store. The flavors persist even when the flowers are smoked. We recommend vaping these flowers, it’s worth it.

Fair prices and the natural production of our products are important to us. Our plants are therefore free of pesticides and herbicides and are gently dried.

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