THC limit of 1% soon also applies to CBD cannabis resin

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It pays to keep at it. After interventions of the hemp industry, the Federal Council holds that also cannabis resin (pollinate) is regulated with the 1% limit. Cannabis resin containing less than one percent THC thus becomes a marketable product. The amendment is expected to take effect in the summer of 2022.

How it came to the change

Léonore Porchet, a member of the National Council from Wadtland, had submitted an interpellation to the Federal Council pointing out that even today cannabis resin is treated differently than, for example, flowers, cuttings, oil and tinctures. IG Hemp has already pointed out this unequal treatment in November 2021. This illogical “technical error” in the Narcotics Law was in contradiction to the handling recognized by the Federal Council itself, according to which only plants, parts of plants and preparations that have a total THC content of at least 1% are considered cannabis in the narcotics legal sense.

What changes

Specifically, the list of narcotics ordinance is now to be adjusted so that even in the case of cannabis resin, only products with at least 1% THC are considered narcotics. This is another step towards a coherent and uniform classification of cannabis products. It creates clarity and thus meets the demands of IG Hemp.
The amendment is expected to come into force in the summer of 2022, together with other amendments to the Narcotics(Medical Cannabis) Act.

– IG Hemp: News from the Federal House
Interpellation by Léonore Porchet