Rêves sûrs – An emergency shelter for young people

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The association“Rêves sûrs – Safe Dreams” wants to offer young people a safe roof over their heads. Behind this project are people who come from the field of open youth work and alley assistance. For them, it is clear that Bern lacks an emergency sleeping facility for young people. Although there are emergency sleeping facilities, some of which could in theory be used by young people, in practice the hurdles are often too high. That is why a supervised and yet low-threshold emergency sleeping center is needed.
Instead of young people staying in public spaces, unsafe places, or even with untrustworthy people, they need to be able to go to a safe place voluntarily and free of charge. In such a safe place, people’s basic needs are met and specialized personnel provide professional support. No one is forced to claim an offer, but all should have the opportunity to do so. Safe dreams should be in it for everyone.

Currently, a crowdfunding for the youth shelter is underway to secure funding for the first year of the pilot project. We as Herba di Berna AG were asked if we could support this crowdfunding. We are very happy to do so, as we are convinced that the Rêves sûrs association will do an excellent job, which starts at an incredibly important point in the lives of the people concerned.
Concretely, this means for us: On the one hand, we want to draw attention to this wonderful project with this blog post and on the other hand, we have supported the crowdfunding in the form of “goodies”. With a contribution of 50 francs there is a small Merci from our cultivation.

We firmly hope that we can contribute to the success of this project. Support this project, enjoy the small Merci as well as the good feeling, stand by your commitment, tell other people about this project and support the association in the social media, e.g. by following the Facebook account of “Rêves Sûrs”. Here’s to a Christmas season of solidarity for the benefit of all.