Proper dosage of CBD oils

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To achieve the desired effect when using CBD oils, they must be dosed differently from person to person. All react differently to the active ingredients and factors such as body weight fundamentally influence the effect. So there is no way around determining the perfect dosage for personal use yourself. The endocannabinoid system of the body needs a certain time until the receptors are (re)activated. Accordingly, it is recommended to start slowly and begin with a low dose. It has been proven to accustom the organism to cannabinoids.

The first step is to answer the question of what the oil is taken for in the first place. It depends on whether a low, medium or high dosage is basically sought. Guide values for the various uses can be found in the table below. These guideline values correspond to our empirical values, which we would like to share with you. However, we are not allowed to give specific dosage recommendations.
The guideline for a low dosage is 1 milligram of CBD per 4.5 kilograms of body weight. Medium strength corresponds to 3 mg and high to 6 mg per 4.5 kg of body weight. These numbers refer to the amount of CBD, not the amount of oil. More about that later.

Treated conditionDosage
Improvement of the general healthDeep
NauseaLow to medium
PMSLow to medium
Chronic painMedium to High
Sleep disordersMedium to High
AnxietyMedium to High
EpilepsyHigh to pharmaceutical grade
CancerHigh to pharmaceutical grade
MigraineLow to high
Strength of dosage for different uses.
Low dosage equals 1 mg per 4.5 kg body weight, medium 3 mg and high 6 mg.

In order to determine a specific dosage from this information on the desired strength, a simple calculation must be carried out. The body weight (kg) is divided by 4.5. This number is then multiplied by the desired strength (mg/kg) to give an indication of the dose in milligrams of CBD.

Dosage example
Example of a medium dose for a body weight of 60 kg.

To save you some calculating, we have already taken off these calculations for some body weights. You can find the results – broken down by low, medium and high dosage – in the table below. You don’t have to calculate anything yourself if you use our CBD dosage calculator.

Body weightDeep dosageMedium dosageHigh dosage
55 kg12.2 mg36.7 mg73.3 mg
60 kg13.3 mg40 mg80 mg
65 kg14.4 mg43.3 mg86.7 mg
70 kg15.6 mg46.7 mg93.3 mg
75 kg16.7 mg50 mg100 mg
80 kg17.8 mg53.3 mg106.7 mg
85 kg18.9 mg56.7 mg113.3 mg
90 kg20 mg60 mg120 mg
95 kg21.1 mg63.3 mg126.7 mg
100 kg22.2 mg66.7 mg133.3 mg

With this number in hand, we come to the second part: How much oil does it now take to take the calculated CBD dose? To find out, the strength/concentration of the oil used must be known. Often the CBD content of the whole bottle is indicated. This number must now be calculated down to the content per milliliter or per drop. To do this, simply (really simple 😉) divide the CBD content (in mg) by the number of milliliters or drops of the whole bottle. The result then indicates the strength of the individual milliliter or drop. A small calculation example with an oil from our range:

One 10% CBD oil from our store contains 1000 milligrams of CBD. One bottle contains about 220 drops or 10 ml of oil. With this information, the CBD content per drop (left) or per milliliter (right) can be calculated.

So now, if we want 40 milligrams of CBD (see example above), all that remains is for us to figure out how many drops of oil are called for. The dose (e.g. 40 mg) divided by the concentration (e.g. 4.55 mg per drop) gives the number of drops needed. In the chosen example, it would be 40 [mg] / 4.55 [mg/Tropfen] = 8.8 drops. The same calculation can be done with the concentration in milligrams per milliliter. This will then give the desired amount of oil in milliliters. (In the example: 40 [mg] / 100 [mg/ml] = 0.4 ml)

For the oils from our offer we have also already taken this bill from you. In this table you can find the results:

ProductCBD content
(per milliliter)
CBD content
(per drop)
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil 5% CBD50 mg2.27 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil 10% CBD100 mg4.55 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil 25% CBD250 mg11.36 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil 30% CBD300 mg13.64 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil without THC 6% CBD60 mg2.73 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil without THC 18% CBD180 mg8.18 mg
Fullspectrum Organic CBD Hemp Oil without THC 24% CBD240 mg10.91 mg

With this calculation we now have a first reference value available. However, this usually needs to be adjusted to achieve the perfect effect. It should generally be started with a rather low dose to avoid side effects. Various side effects can occur, especially at very high dosages, and at a dosage of 90 mg per 4.5 kg of body weight or more, unpleasant side effects are almost guaranteed to occur. Therefore, before taking it again, a little evaluation is called for: Was the dose strong enough so that an effect occurred? Did the effect turn out to be too strong and undesirable side effects (e.g. increased fatigue) occurred? By answering these questions and making appropriate adjustments, the perfect dosage is soon found.
At this point it should be noted that the dosage also depends on the selected oil. Since besides CBD other active ingredients are contained and the amount of these differs from oil to oil, all oils act differently.

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