Parus Plant Lamp Indoor Plants

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18 watt indoor plant lamp for E27 socket

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18 Watt E27 plant lamp “Indoor Plants” is ideal for year-round lighting of all types of plants. For healthier growth, it has the optimal wavelength ratio by combining six white and 3 red HI-Power LED chips. White LEDs (full spectrum at 400 – 700 nm to improve root and leaf growth Red LEDs at 640 – 660 nm to promote flowering and blooming. It also increases the number of flowers and prolongs the duration of the flowering phase. Usage tips: Suitable for all E27 sockets, placement approx. 20 – 50 cm above the plant to illuminate as large a leaf surface as possible, best used in combination with well-ventilated lampshades and do not install the lamps too close together, as poor ventilation can significantly shorten the service life.