Optimal storage of cannabis

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Cannabis can be stored at home for up to 9 months without any problems if stored properly. However, in order to avoid quality loss, a few things should be taken into account. If the flowers are not stored well, the active ingredients can evaporate and in the end only a dry dust is left, or it begins to mold. Basically, three aspects must be considered when storing cannabis: Temperature, air and light.

Large temperature differences should be avoided, as trichomes (resin glands) could break off, reducing the odor. Therefore, storage in the refrigerator or even in the freezer is not recommended – even though most instructions mainly refer to the heat sensitivity of cannabis. The optimum temperature for storing grass is 18-21 degrees Celsius.

Various things depend on the air – or rather the airtight seal. If the flowers are not moist, they also do not begin to mold. Furthermore, the active ingredients and the terpenes (responsible for the smell and aroma) can volatilize if stored in poorly sealed containers.

Light-protected storage is necessary, as the cannabinoids are also damaged by UV radiation. This has a negative impact on the effectiveness of cannabis. In addition, the flowers turn brownish in the light.

In order to provide you with the optimal storage, we offer two new products in our range of storage containers. The amber glass container is the perfect container for home. It can be used for years to protect the cannabis from harmful influences. The glass used protects the flowers from UV radiation and provides an airtight seal. Stylish, sustainable and quality preserving.
An aluminum container is a good choice for on the go. This is lightweight, does not break even in everyday use and provides comprehensive protection for the cannabis. Due to its durability, this container also represents the most sustainable choice possible.

– Violet glass container in our store(125 ml or 250 ml)
– Aluminum container in the store(50 ml or 120 ml)
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