Lemon Muffin Handtrim 20g

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CBD hemp flowers with lemon cake aroma

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Trim is well suited for smoking and as a raw material for food and cosmetics, as the flower parts contain a particularly large number of resin glands. When the flowers are dried and turned, small parts of the flowers fall through the sieves – this so-called abrasion is collected and packaged as hand trim. It is the cheaper alternative to the whole flowers.

For those who like it lemony, comes the new Lemon Muffin, an indica-dominant hybrid strain originally created from a cross of Blueberry Muffin and Lemon Haze. The flower structure and compact. The light purple colored and dark hand trim is unique in taste. Solid CBD levels of almost 14% complete this new strain

The terpene profile is reminiscent of blueberries and citrus. Of course, the sweetness of freshly baked muffins is not missing, even if a little less pronounced than the original (Blueberry Muffin). The taste of Lemon Muffin is completed by a soft finish and the intense citrus notes.

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