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The association “Legalize It!” has been campaigning for the legalization of THC for about 30 years. In order to achieve this goal, the association constantly monitors and evaluates developments in Swiss hemp policy. The results of this political work are shared on the website and in the magazine “Legalize It!”, which is published every 3 months. At least until a legalization of THC has been achieved, the association is also involved in the field of legal support. For example, “Legalize It!” offers a very comprehensive source of information on the legal situation and the possible consequences of criminal proceedings in the form of the brochure “Shit Happens.” “Shit Happens” will be updated regularly to stay current. This fall, the 14th edition of the legal aid brochure was published.

An example of the content of “Shit Happens” is the A3 poster “Overview of Repression”. This overview shows how the multiple paths through the institutions of law enforcement can proceed. Based on different triggers and depending on individual behavior, the usual processes are explained. In the shortest possible form, the legal situation and the recommended response are presented. It explains how to respond in the event of an allegation from the police, whether true or false. What things need to be said? How can it be ensured that no colleagues are dragged into the story? The “Overview of Repression” offers answers to questions of this kind.

As a member of the “Legalize It!” association, Herba di Berna will write in the future about the most important points regarding the legal situation. So read the blog posts and share them with your friends. If all this is too long for you, a look at the association’s resources is highly recommended. The brochures and overviews are freely available. Members receive the magazine and can attend organized member meetings every 1-2 months. Furthermore, “Legalize It!” also offers individual legal advice upon request, which can be optimally tailored to the personal situation. Shit happens – so be sure to get help!

Resources of the “Legalize It!” association:
– Website:
“Overview of repression
“Shit Happens
Legalize It!” magazine
Individual legal assistance