High purity CBD effective against COVID-19?

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In January, researchers at the University of Chicago published a study that showed potential efficacy of CBD against the replication (propagation) of Sars-CoV-2. The researchers used this publication as an opportunity to call for further research on this topic. The results of the study would suggest an effect, but are still far from a confirmed medical outcome. It is also emphasized that this study refers to cells treated with high-purity CBD in the laboratory – a fundamentally different situation than taking commercially available CBD products. So the topic should be pursued, without now feeling that you can protect yourself against Corona with a CBD joint.

CBD stops the multiplication of Covid 19 viruses

The study was conducted because it was suspected that CBD might have an impact on disease progression due to anti-inflammatory properties. The hope was that CBD could mitigate the effects of a “cytokine storm” (an overreaction of the immune system). However, with an impediment to viral replication (virus replication), the researchers observed a very different effect. “No one in their right mind would have ever thought that it blocked viral replication, but that’s what it does,” commented one professor involved.

Does highly purified CBD also work in humans?

For the experiment, human lung cells were treated with highly purified CBD for two hours. These were then exposed to coronavirus and the change in viral load over time was observed. The viruses were able to enter the treated cells, but replication was severely hindered. The study results could be confirmed with similar results in animal experiments on mice. However, in order to properly assess the effective potential, further trials are needed, especially those on humans.

More research is needed!

For us, this means: We are pleased about successful research projects regarding the medical application of cannabis. However, it is also important to us that this research takes place in a serious framework. Thus, there are many reasons to be pleased with the results of the study, especially after the last two years in a state of emergency. If CBD does indeed help against covid-19, that is wonderful news that definitely needs to be followed up on. At the same time, it is imperative that we exercise restraint: this study does not demonstrate any protective effects of commercial CBD products. The effects of treating single cells with high-purity CBD are very different from the effects that a CBD joint or ingesting CBD oil has on the human body.

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