Hemp and ground spelt bread mix

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Flour mixture for hemp spelt bread

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Those who love to bake and appreciate eating a high quality spelt bread will find the right product here.

Tip: for a fine nutty flavor, roast the hulled seeds first and add 1EL of our roasted hemp seed oil. And those who like it crunchy can also add whole, roasted hemp nuts.
Try: add 1 – 2 tablespoons of honey to the dough. Before baking, brush with a little egg white and sprinkle with nut mixture or whatever.

Place all ingredients in the kneading machine and knead for 8 min. knead slowly. Then 3 min. Let knead at medium speed. Let rest for 2 – 3 hours (dough should double in size). Shape into one large loaf or two smaller loaves. Allow to double again for 30 – 50 minutes. It is best to cover the dough with a damp and warm kitchen towel. Bake: 40-50 minutes at 200 – 210° C (depending on the type of oven). Optimal is a baking dish for the spelt bread. Tip: If you place a fireproof bowl of water in the oven during preheating, the steam created will make your bread twice as crispy. In the case of steam oven, give about 20% water.

Alternatively, after 30 – 35 minutes, you can cook your bread in the oven. Remove from oven, cool down (on rack) and freeze. In case of cravings, put the bread in the refrigerator the night before and the following morning at 12 – 15 min. bake in the oven preheated to 210° C until done.

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