Organic hemp tofu – 200g

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Tofu from Swiss hemp seeds

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Discover our hemp tofu, the delicious and healthy protein miracle from Aargau! Our hemp tofu is made from hemp seeds, which we grow in Freiamt according to strict organic guidelines. Our hemp tofu is not only rich in high-quality protein, but also in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is easily digestible, alkaline and free of cholesterol, gluten, lactose and allergens.
The hemp tofu has a soft, fiber-free texture and a subtle, nutty flavor. It is great for those looking for a plant-based protein alternative or those with a weakened bite. Try our hemp tofu and be seduced by its naturalness and aroma!

Our hemp tofu is characterized by:
Proven naturalness in organic quality. 100% vegan.
No preservatives, e-substances, or other artificial additives and flavors. Free of gluten, lactose, nut and other allergens.
Long shelf life (9 months refrigerated at 2° Celsius)
Waste-free production. CO2 neutral footprint. (Ongoing study)

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