Hemp tofu CH 200g

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Tofu from Swiss hemp seeds

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For this hemp tofu we grow the hemp seeds in Freiamt in Aargau. The nutritional values differ only slightly. And compared to the organic EU cultivation, our farmers have strict cultivation guidelines that are equal to the organic EU cultivation. There is only farmyard manure in the field and no pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or weed killers are allowed.

The tofu-like mass based on hemp seeds is rich in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins. Compared to most protein foods (meat, dairy, soy and other beans – difficult to digest), hemp seeds are very easy to digest.
Our hemp tofu is wonderful for people looking for plant-based protein alternatives or those with a weakened bite, thanks to its soft, fiber-free texture. Hemp nuts are excellent for this and only have a fine and slightly nutty flavor.
This hemp tofu is alkaline and contains all 21 amino acids, including the 8 proteinogenic amino acids, which are essential for humans and cannot be produced by the body itself. Unlike other protein-rich foods, the content of unsaturated fatty acids, especially alpha linolenic acid (omega3), is significant. In addition, it does not contain cholesterol. Hemp tofu is rich in vitamins and minerals. Noteworthy is the iron and calcium content. Also present are minerals such as copper, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, essential vitamins of the B group, choline and vitamin E.

Our hemp tofu is characterized by:
Preserved naturalness in organic quality and IP from Aargau. 100% vegan.
No preservatives, e-substances, or other artificial additives and flavors. Free of gluten, lactose, nut and other allergens.
Long shelf life (9 months refrigerated at 2° Celsius)
Waste-free production. CO2 neutral footprint. (Ongoing study)

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