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Hulled hemp seeds BIO

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Hemp Seeds – The Superfood
Many nutrients and vital substances – especially zinc, magnesium and iron – are contained in relevant quantities in hemp seed. Thus, not only the hemp oil extracted from the hemp seeds, a great food (superfood), but of course the seeds themselves also and thus belong to the foods with extremely interesting health-promoting properties.

Enjoy hemp seeds – Nothing easier than that.
If you also want to benefit from the health-promoting effects of hemp seeds, enjoy the small, nutty-tasting seeds regularly. Below we therefore give you a few tips on how you can easily integrate hemp seeds into your diet:

-Sprinkle your cereal or salad with 1-2 tablespoons of hulled or unhulled hemp seeds.
-nibble peeled or unpeeled hemp seeds as often as you like between meals
-Add a teaspoon of hemp oil to your smoothie or protein shake
-Use hulled hemp seeds also in the preparation of spreads or pestos
-Prepare a vegetable milk from hulled hemp seeds (see below)
-Add a teaspoon of hemp oil to your pasta, cereal dishes, soups or dressings.
-Mix hemp seeds in baked goods like bread or cakes

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