Full spectrum CBD oil vs. CBD isolate

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In the (growing) range of CBD products, there are two terms that come up often: Full-Spectrum and Isolate. Both are hemp extracts: Since only the active ingredients are included, but not the plant fibers and cell structures, they can be taken as a whole. However, the differences between the two products are significant. This article explains these differences, and aims to show why Herba di Berna offers CBD isolates, but only relies on full-spectrum for its oil range.

The ingredients of isolates and full-spectrum extracts differ greatly. While isolate – as the name suggests – contains only CBD, a full-spectrum product is composed of many different cannabinoids, terpenes and other substances. This creates a holistic product with great effectiveness. Due to the entourage effect, the effect is much stronger and more balanced than is the case with an isolate.

The entourage effect is also known as the “plant synergy”. The combination of the substances contained is shown in a synergistic, i.e. mutually reinforcing, manner. The result is an effectiveness that cannot be compared to that of a single substance. A vivid example of such synergetic effects is an orchestra in which all instruments together create a sound world far beyond the capabilities of any single instrument. The same happens with the cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemical(phyto = plant) substances of the hemp plant.
Since this effect cannot occur in an isolate product, it can be said that full spectrum products are generally more effective than isolates.

If full-spectrum products are more effective, why are so many isolate products offered anyway? Of course, isolates also have their advantages. For example, it is much easier to accurately state and maintain the CBD content of a product, and isolate products are generally less expensive than full-spectrum extracts. Furthermore, isolates definitely do not contain THC. There are situations in which this is desirable – even though the THC content in full-spectrum oils is by no means high enough to trigger a psychoactive reaction. Since all terpenes (flavors) have been removed, isolates also do not have the typical hemp smell.

Based on these differences, it can be said that full-spectrum oils, for example, are the drug of choice when the application is for medical reasons. In general, full spectrum extracts represent a holistic product with a balanced effect. Therefore, it is clear to us that we only sell oils that cover the entire spectrum of the hemp plant – even if we have to make regular control analyses of the CBD content for this. However, if the goal is to mix CBD with other products in precise doses, or if there is zero tolerance to THC, isolates are definitely an option. Further, the question “isolate or full spectrum?” is also simply a question of budget.

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