Flowermate Aura

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The Flowermate Aura can vaporize any kind of herbs, waxes and oils.

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Flowermate’s Aura is equipped with an insulated duct, which prevents the air from coming into contact with electronic parts. The combination of the elegant pen-shaped design and the powerful built-in Samsung/LG battery makes for an outstanding value at an attractive price.

The Aura may be charged with a maximum of 1 amp wall adapter. Please observe the warnings on the packaging. (Most smartphone power supplies run on more than one amp of current and are therefore not suitable).

For more information as well as the exact scope of delivery, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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Herbs, waxes and oils

Warm-up time

less than 1 min.


Fully adjustable temperature between 40ºC and 230ºC

Sessions per recharge

Up to 2 hours of battery power when fully charged


Built-in LG battery (2600mAh)


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