Denatured hemp oils – What’s next?

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The impending introduction of mandatory denaturation for hemp oils poses major problems for the cannabis industry. In the last post we described the problem in more detail and also mentioned some suggested solutions.
Now it is also clear how Herba di Berna will continue with CBD hemp oils.

CBD oils as cosmetics instead of chemicals

First things first: no, we will not sell denatured hemp oils. In the future, the oils will be able to be sold as cosmetic products. However, we would much rather have a sensibly regulated CBD market.

What will change for customers?

Something will change for our customers in that we will no longer be able to offer our strongest hemp oils (30%, 35% and 40% CBD content) after September 2022. To produce an oil with such a high CBD content, the extraction process exceeds the THC limit for cosmetics. Even if this concerns only the raw extract and not the finished product, such production would be against the law.
Solutions to this problem already exist, but implementing them will take even more time than the six months our producer had between the announcement of the denaturing requirement in April and its implementation in October.

The advantage More sustainable oils

However, we do not only have bad news, but something is changing for the better: In cooperation with“Swissextract“, an organic certified company, we will produce our oils up to 24% CBD content only with organically grown sunflower oil as a carrier. As a result, we are no longer dependent on imported coconut oil and can thus produce our oils exclusively from ingredients grown and processed locally in Switzerland.

We are glad that we have found such a good solution to be able to offer high quality organic hemp oils also in the future.