Comment on VKCS article “Health risk in many foods containing CBD”.

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At the beginning of February, the Association of Cantonal Chemists of Switzerland (VKCS) went public with a media release on CBD-containing foods. The communication left the hemp industry in no good light: 85% of the products were objected to and 73% were even criticized as posing a health risk – without further specification.

Important for our consumers: The tested products of Herba di Berna can all be consumed without health concerns.

IG Hemp, the cannabis industry’s trade association, was aware of the product inspections conducted by the VKCS. However, IG Hemp did not know about the details and results. The information about which products were objected to also did not find its way to the industry association.

As a manufacturing company, quality assurance of our products and consumer protection are important to us. While the VKCS appeals to precisely these values and calls on the manufacturing companies in duty to improve, we see the problem at the regulatory level. At the moment, Swiss cannabis policy is in a state of regulatory chaos that is almost impossible to navigate. Comprehensive regulation also seems sensible to us, but it must be uniform and comprehensible to ensure legal certainty for us. For example, we support the “Postulate Minder”. This proposal, which was adopted by the Council of States last year, aims to make the various forms of the hemp plant more economically viable through coherent, up-to-date regulation. Hopefully, Parliament will remedy this situation as soon as possible so that we, as manufacturing companies, know better which quality guidelines we have to adhere to.

Official statement of IG Hemp