CBG: The “Mother of Cannabinoids

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While most people have at least heard of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBG is a largely unknown active ingredient in the hemp plant. However, in a growing cannabis market and advancing research on the hemp plant and its active ingredients, CBG has recently come under increased scrutiny.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that was discovered in 1964 by two Israeli chemists. Like CBD, cannabigerol has no psychoactive effect, so it does not make you high.

The CBG content of conventional hemp plants is quite low, as the widespread cultivars focus on CBD or THC.
Although young plants have a fairly high level of CBGA, the acid version of CBG, at a certain stage, this acid is converted into other cannabinoid acids such as THCA or CBDA as they continue to grow, which in turn are processed into THC and CBD. Because CBGA occupies this role of the “original” cannabinoid in plant growth, the molecule is sometimes referred to as the “mother of cannabinoids.”
The actual conversion into other cannabinoids depends not only on the genetics of the plant, but also to a large extent on external circumstances. The temperature, UV light and oxygen content are decisive in determining which chemical processes are triggered.

In addition to the interest in the chemical processes, the focus in research has recently shifted increasingly to the active ingredient cannabigerol. In medical and therapeutic use, it has many similarities with CBD, although CBG is even said to have a better effect in some cases.

Is CBG the better CBD?

Based on individual studies and experience reports, the attitude is now partly spread that CBG is actually the better CBD. Thus, there are increasingly not only CBD oils, but also CBG oils to buy. However, knowledge is still far too uncertain to make such a sweeping statement. As with all cannabinoids, research is still in its infancy – which makes a lot of things difficult, but also always brings great surprises.

If the desired effect is achieved with CBD products, it is currently hardly worth spending more money on comparable CBG products. But cannabigerol is definitely interesting, and why not give it a try? In our store there is currently with the variety“Afghan Kush” a plant that contains both almost 5% CBG and 10-15% CBD. Further, we plan to add new cannabis resin products focused on CBG to our product line in the first months of 2023.

Addendum of November 14, 2022: We have two brand new CBG/CBD oils on offer!

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