CBD Vaporizing instead of smoking

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CBD oils have been a recent topic on this blog. Another intake option that we would definitely like to mention as well is vaporizing CBD. When vaporizing – or “vaping” – the CBD is made available to the body very quickly, without any harmful substances entering the body.

E-liquids are usually used for vaping. These consist of a carrier liquid (glycerine is often used for this purpose) to which active ingredients and sometimes fragrances are added. This liquid is then heated so that the vapor can be inhaled. This form of ingestion has firstly the advantage of a very high “bioavailability” (availability of the active ingredients for the body”) and secondly is free of harmful substances, since no combustion processes start. From our point of view, vaporizing is therefore the better alternative to smoking. Smoking joints, especially those with tobacco, is much less healthy. Pollutants such as tar are produced there during combustion.

For example, vaporizing is a good option if the CBD is to be inhaled pleasurably in order to achieve an effective effect without inhaling the substances produced during smoking. Thus, there are many people who vaporize CBD for smoking cessation. The calming effect of CBD is the perfect support during the uncomfortable withdrawal period. Of course, CBD products do not produce any psychoactive effect even when vaping.

To vaporize CBD you need either a good e-liquid and an e-cigarette, or a vaporizer that contains an herbal chamber that can be filled with solids (e.g. flowers). When choosing an e-cigarette or vaporizer, make sure that the temperature can be regulated precisely.
One important note to end on: e-liquids are not the same as CBD oils. While e-liquids should never be swallowed just like that, oils are not suitable for vaporizing. The extremely low smoke point causes the oil to burn, resulting in a foul-smelling and not particularly healthy vapor. In addition, the oil gums up the e-cigarette and this would have to be cleaned extensively.

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