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A new study on CBD consumption habits in Switzerland was published at the beginning of September. The aim of the survey was to gain a better understanding of the consumer structure and the needs of Swiss consumers. The study was initiated by uWeed in cooperation with IG Hanf, the industry association of Swiss cannabis companies. For the study, 3,000 responses from various language regions were collected over a period of around one month at the end of 2020, with those of the 1,170 active Swiss consumers being taken into account for the evaluation. The following is a summary of the study’s key findings:

The average cannabis user is a male with a high level of education. About two-thirds of the study participants are men and 41% of the participants have a higher education degree. Thus, the level of education is clearly above the Swiss average of 31%. The study participants also generally have at least a basic understanding of their level of knowledge about CBD. About half even attribute good knowledge or even expertise in the field to themselves. This knowledge mostly comes from various online searches, from the personal environment or from CBD brand sites and specialized blogs.

Reasons for the use of cannabis are many. Thus, the desire for relaxation (50%) and a better sleep (46%) makes most people reach for CBD products. In addition, cannabis use is also used to try to relieve pain (26%) or to counteract psychological stress (14%). This even though there is currently no comprehensive scientific data on the medical effect of cannabis as a medicine. However, at least in the personal assessment, the individual CBD consumption habits have a “strong” or “very strong” effect on the consumers surveyed.

Another reason for using CBD is to withdraw from other substances, for example tobacco, alcohol and cannabis. In general, a large proportion of respondents (52%) use cannabis exclusively. 35% also regularly use tobacco products, which is pretty much the same as the overall societal proportion, and only a quarter also report sometimes using cannabis with more than 1% THC.

The CBD market in Switzerland appears to be continuing to grow. For example, about one-third of respondents have been using CBD for less than six months, and less than 20% have stopped using it. The majority of users consume a CBD product once a day. Nevertheless, only about 20% of users spend more than 100 francs per month on CBD, and only 5% have expenses of more than 250 francs. Various proudcts are consumed, but flowers and oils are by far the most consumed.

For us as a manufacturing company, these studies are very informative. Better data on CBD consumption habits allows us to more precisely address the needs of consumers. In particular, we would like to address the need to ensure prdouct quality as soon as possible. We are working on being able to provide our products with the quality label“Swiss Certified Cannabis” as soon as possible.

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