CBD and Long Covid

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More than two years into the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly apparent how dramatic the impact of “Long Covid” will be. In whom the symptoms persist and for what reason is unclear, even experts are at a loss. Affected people, still in a fog of fatigue, breathing difficulties, headaches and various other symptoms months later, still have to wait for effective therapies. Could CBD help?

Long Covid Symptoms and CBD

The FOPH lists, among others, the following typical symptoms of “post-Covid 19 disease” [1]: excessive fatigue and exhaustion, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, cognitive impairment, headache, insomnia, muscle fatigue, and muscle pain.
For many of these symptoms, regardless of the cause, there is evidence that CBD is an effective treatment. Studies are investigating diverse uses of CBD products and many people are sharing their positive experiences on social media. With this starting point, it is obvious that CBD is increasingly being used in long covid therapy as well.

Effect of CBD against long covid

There are many testimonials on the internet from people who turn to CBD products (mainly CBD oils) to fight persistent symptoms. In the Long Covid Switzerland Facebook group there are many people who tell about an excellent effect. Sleep problems are reduced with evening use of CBD oil, but eye problems, neurological symptoms, and lung problems also seem to decrease with CBD use.

In addition to these field reports, which are based on the observations of individuals, there are also research projects on the subject. For example, Indian researchers* conducted a study that demonstrated a potential for therapeutic effects against neurological impairments caused by Corona.[2] However, so far these results are based only on laboratory data, the significance of which is difficult to translate to human application. Another study, funded by Drug Science UK, aims to further investigate the potential of CBD treatments against long covid. No results have yet been obtained.
Further, there have been several studies that have looked at CBD and covid in general. You can find a compilation in this blog post.

What does that mean for us?

It certainly seems as though medical cannabis products, as well as commercially available CBD oils, may be of relevance in the treatment of Long Covid. However, it is also clear that science has not yet reached the point where an effect can be proven with certainty. Two years is a short time in science, especially when it comes to an area like cannabis, where medical research in general is not very advanced.
For us at Herba di Berna AG, this means the following: First, we hope for the fastest possible progress in medical research on cannabis. Secondly, we are making a special offer to Long Covid sufferers so that they can at least try using CBD oils: We are currently offering 30% off our CBD oilswith the discount code “cbd-genesung”.

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