CBD and competitive sports (part 2): Experiences of an extreme athlete

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For more basic knowledge on the topic of “CBD and competitive sports”, we recommend reading the 1st part of our series on CBD in sports: CBD and competitive sports (Part1): What’s behind it?

We at Herba di Berna wanted to generate our own empirical values for the topic of CBD and sports, which is why we approached the aspiring trail runner Michael.

He tested a Broad Spectrum oil for us for several months during his training phase and now tells us about his experience.

Interview with Michael: Experiences from competitive sports

Dear Michael, thank you for supporting this experiment and daring to try it yourself.
You are very conscious of sensible consumption, especially because your athletic performance is at stake. Is this how you also came across CBD oil as a natural doping?

For me, meaningful consumption is very central. Not only in terms of athletic performance, but also for the environment and animals. For this reason, I have been eating a vegan diet for years and always keep my eyes open for ways to maximize my performance without harming fellow humans, animals or nature. This interest has also made me aware of CBD products.

What was your expectation or hope with taking CBD oil?

I hoped that I would be able to recover even better and thus be fresher for the upcoming units. In addition, I had the idea that the CBD oil may even have a preventive effect against minor injuries. In many cases, overuse injuries start with a small inflammation that intensifies with further stress. Avoiding these small inflammations with the consumption of CBD oil and the necessary rest would obviously be a big plus.

You have been taking Broad Spectrum CBD oil for us for over three months. What has made itself felt?

I have already felt various positive effects in the relatively short time.
During a training volume increase, for example, from 90 running kilometers one week to 100 running kilometers the next, I often felt the periosteum on my shin a bit, this was not the case during the CBD drop experiment.
In addition, I was able to focus even better during the more monotonous workouts, such as weight training, as long as I took 3-4 drops immediately before the workout. Quite apart from the positive effects on training, I really like the taste of the drops, whether in coffee, muesli or pure.

Only those who are well rested can also perform well

Michael, trail runner

What would you say, did the CBD oil have more of a positive impact on your performance or your recovery? Or even both?

Both. It is certainly primarily regenerative as it has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Due to the good recovery and because the oil, at least in my case, had increased the focus on the essentials, the CBD drops certainly increased the performance.
Only those who are well rested can also perform well.

Would you recommend Broad Spectrum CBD oil to other exercisers or competitive athletes:inside?

Yes, after this experiment I definitely recommend CBD oil. I also recommend the drops to people who are perhaps not so active in sports, because the increase in focus has already impressed me quite a bit.

Are you also a movement person or athlete:in and would like to share an experience with the same interview questions? We allocate some 6% Broadsprectrum CBD oils for it. Get in touch via email: info@herbadiberna.ch