The never-debated story behind the ban on hemp, a presentation of evidence

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Evidence, Politics, Culture: Book by Annemarie Meyer

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The background to an inhumane drug policy – presented clearly and comprehensibly.

The ban on hemp is a legacy of racist times. Recognizing the history behind it and drawing the consequences from it is necessary. Because this way of thinking has lost nothing in today’s legislation. The hundred-year ban never served health, but the suppression of foreign cultures. Neither the UN Single Convention of 1961 and 1988, nor the EU Framework Decision of 2004 to criminalize cannabis use and trafficking are based on science, but on false information, economic calculation, racism and also still on the legacy of National Socialist ideas. Providing evidence of this background is a matter close to the author’s heart. Neither law enforcement agencies, courts nor fellow citizens should ever again be allowed to pass judgment on hemp consumers and hemp dealers without knowing the story behind it.
Wolfgang Neškovic, former German judge at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, was already convinced in 1992 “that drug policy would be different if the correct information could be made public. The current drug legislation can only be practiced because there is a corresponding lack of information among the population.”

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