Healing with cannabis

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Reference book, application, scientifically based: Book by Michka

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The book summarizes the current facts and figures on cannabis and cannabinoids as a medicinal product, sheds light on the scientific status quo and provides information on the various forms of preparation and ingestion.

Medicinal cannabis is an effective remedy that has been used in folk medicine systems around the world since time immemorial. The range of diseases, symptoms and ailments that can be treated with hemp is particularly extensive. No other plant known to man has such a complex spectrum of effects as cannabis – without causing significant side effects. Not least for this reason, more and more patients, doctors, therapists, pharmacists and pharmacologists prefer cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicines.
After decades of repression and the war on drugs, hemp is gradually re-establishing itself as a useful medicine and has already been legalized again in many countries. This book provides an easy-to-understand overview that can also be helpful for doctors.
With numerous contributions from contributing authors, e.g. Franjo Grotenhermen, Robert C. Clarke and Jorge Cervantes.

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