The rediscovery of the useful plant hemp

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Reference book: Book by Jack Herer, Mathias Bröckers, Institut Katalyse

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One of the oldest cultivated plants on earth could help to provide people with sufficient clothing, paper, oil, fuel, food, building materials and many medicines.

Within a few years, the outlawed drug became a universally praised “renewable” organic raw material. “There is only one plant that, as a renewable resource, is capable of supplying most of the paper, textiles and food, as well as energy consumption, while at the same time curbing pollution, improving the soil and cleaning our air: it is an ancient companion that has always done this: Cannabis, hemp, marijuana.” (Jack Herer)
As stirring as a tell-all book, as exciting as a thriller, as full of facts as an encyclopaedia: Jack Herer’s hemp book triggered a worldwide rediscovery of hemp as an organic raw material. Medicines, clothing, building materials, paints, varnishes, cooking oils, paper – medicine, industry and politics can no longer ignore hemp in the long term. Hardly any other material has such ecologically valuable potential.

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Jack Herer, Mathias Bröckers, Catalysis Institute

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Nachtschatten publishing house

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