Black Leaf Steely Dan stainless steel herb grinder 4 pieces

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Herb mill with lifetime warranty

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For this heavy herb mill made of high quality stainless steel, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty (except for the sieve). The sharp diamond-cut grinding teeth crush herbs and even firmer plant material in the blink of an eye. The magnetic holder holds the grinder of the mill firmly together, a sliding ring made of nylon facilitates the back and forth rotation. In this four-part herb mill, the sieve chamber and the bottom chamber, where valuable herb dust accumulates, are tightly and securely closed by a twist lock. The enclosed small spatula helps to empty the Budbreaker and collect the pollen dust. Another plus is the ease of cleaning in the dishwasher. Do not bring the sieve into contact with rusted parts and do not leave it in sharp cleaning agents or alcohol for a long time.

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Diameter: 59mm Height: 37mm


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