Mixing bowl made from Berner wood

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Wooden bowls by Dimitri Eichenberger

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The simply designed and versatile wooden bowls were turned by hand by Dimitri Eichenberger in Bern, more precisely in the Viktoria district.
He only uses wood from Bern to make the bowls. The wood used grew within a radius of 20 km around the Federal Palace in Bern and was sawn in a small sawmill in Gümmenen.

Smaller bowl (diameter 11 cm) made of field maple wood
Larger bowl (diameter 12.5 cm) made from elm or elm heartwood

After the bowls have been turned, they are finely sanded to 500 grit in seven steps. To protect the surface and keep it robust, it is treated twice with a vegetable oil. This makes the wooden bowls suitable for a wide range of uses.

Our personal recommendation:
We use the beautiful bowls as mixing bowls for a cultivated “turning ritual”.

Additional information


Dimitri Eichenberger


11cm, 12.5cm


Field maple wood, Elm wood, Elm heartwood

Surface treatment

Universal hard oil from Biofa complies with standard EN 71, part 3 (safety of children's toys) and DIN 53160 (welding and saliva resistance)


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