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Decision of the EU Commission could harm the hemp industry

While on the one hand a lot of educational work is happening around the topic of hemp and cannabinoids, new scientific findings on the benefits of hemp and hemp extracts are being obtained, the EU Commission is currently considering including hemp extracts in general in the narcotics law. Cannabiniol (CBD) as well as any other hemp extracts are to be classified – on a par with THC – as an addictive substance if it is extracted from natural hemp plants. Synthetic CBD, ironically, would still be allowed.

“The spokesperson for the EU Commission in Germany has confirmed to us that there are considerations to evaluate CBD as a narcotic in the sense of the 1961 United Nations Single Convention. This is currently called “Preliminary View”. After that, CBD would be a so-called “addictive substance” and could also no longer be used as a dietary supplement in the future.”

Dr. Stefan Meyer, President of the new industry association Cannabiswirtschaft BvCW e. V., according to krautinvest.

Such a decision would have disastrous effects on the hemp industry in Europe:

“Almost the entire CBD industry in Europe would face “extinction.” Hemp farmers, import/export, extractors, producers, distributors, retailers, and many more.”

Dr. Stefan Meyer, president of the new industry association Cannabiswirtschaft BvCW e. V., according to

There is still no definitive decision in Brussels. And it is equally uncertain how the federal authorities in Bern will react. Because in this country, the Federal Parliament has just approved a pilot of a new more liberal cannabis regulation of cities, which includes THC hemp – so a development that rather steers towards legalization.

The last words have not yet been spoken in Brussels – and certainly not in Bern.

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