A relaxed Valentine’s Day

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Soon it will be Valentine’s Day again. An exciting day that can be both stressful and beautiful. In either case, relaxation is the name of the game, whether it’s getting through the day unscathed or making sure it’s memorable. Many studies suggest – and many people say it from their own experience – that CBD has a calming and stress-reducing effect.

To enjoy a relaxing Valentine’s Day there are many different ways to ingest CBD products. Besides the famous joint, there are, for example: vaporizing CBD or taking CBD oils (although these are then not emptied in one day 😉). In addition, there are also particularly relaxing care products: In our assortment we offer various CBD bath balls and a homemade CBD ointment. A bath for two, followed by a romantic massage – that would be something for an unforgettable evening?

Do you still need a gift for your loved one? Also there worth a look in our store: In addition to the mentioned care products, we offer various treats with hemp. To enjoy these things, the recipient does not have to be a pissed-off hemp fan – everyone can enjoy a delicious chocolate for dessert. Until the end of February 2022 there is a Valentine’s Day discount in our store: With the discount code “LOVE” you benefit from 25% off (almost) the entire range. (EU goods are excluded from the promotion).

We hope that our tips and our products will contribute to a relaxing and memorable Valentine’s Day. We wish you success and an enjoyable February 14.